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DESIGNATURE is the professional website and portfolio of Katie Shabi, an SEO living and working in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. I have years of experience in web design/development, graphic design, and content writing. I love to do all of these things, always keeping SEO principles in mind.

Play the Magic 8 Ball Yes or No Questions Game Online

Play My Online Magic 8 Ball Game!

Play my mobile-friendly online Magic 8 Ball game! I developed it using JavaScript, JQuery and CSS.


While text content is important for SEO purposes, a well designed website is necessary for conversion optimization. I have about five years of web design experience, and can code responsive SEO-optimized website templates comfortably using HTML, CSS3 media queries, PHP/MySQL, Javascript & JQuery. Cross browser compatibility checks and user experience are major concerns when designing a website.


seo web design/development:Legomenon Art Blog & Online Literary Journal: SEO & Design

LEGOMENON Online Literary Journal
Responsive web design & development with HTML, PHP & CSS3 media queries.

seo web design/development:Home Security Shield: Web & Banner Design

Home Security Shield
Banner & Web design for Home Security Shield website.

seo web design/development:HughesNet Voice Banner & Responsive Web Design

HughesNet Voice
Responsive web design for HughesNet Voice.

seo web design/development:Website & Logo Design: Film Zone Film Distribution Website

Film Zone Movie Distribution
Website design for Film Zone film distribution website.

seo web design/development:Website Design: Pete Sells Palm Coast Real Estate Website

Pete Sells Palm Coast
Website design for Pete Sells Palm Coast, a real estate website for Palm Coast real estate agent Peter Larsson.

seo web design/development:Web & Logo Design: Kimon Group Corporate Website

Kimon Group
Wordpress development and web design for Kimon Group corporate website.

seo web design/development:Web, Logo & Graphic Design: MoreNature Natural Beeswax Line

MoreNature Beeswax Products
Web design and development of Magento eCommerce website.

seo web design/development:Web, Logo & Graphic Design: Tara Tours Savannah

Tara Tours Savannah
Original ad & Wordpress template design for Tara Tours Savannah.


graphic design seo:Safest Cities Award Badge Design

Safest Cities Award Badge Design

An award badge I designed for Safe Choice Security's "Safest Cities" national campaign. This badge was featured on 100+ websites!


Along with designing websites, I also have 6+ years of experience with Adobe Photoshop and other Creative Suite design programs. I have designed everything from print brochures, flyers, business cards, product labels, postcards and booklets to ads, conversion/promotional banners and infographics. I use Photoshop every day and love learning new techniques!


In my experience I have learned that developing a good website is about more than a pretty design and building some strong SEO links. A good website must feature well written, unique content to rank and convert well. I have written articles on dozens of websites that still rank #1 without any link building support. Check out samples of my writing at LEGOMENON, an online journal I founded that now receives over 40,000 monthly organic visitors!


Currently I am employed as a full-time SEO in downtown Jacksonville Florida. I've been responsible for adding thousands of new unique organic traffic to several sites I've optimized through on-page SEO, content marketing, PR email outreach and social media promotion. Every SEO claims to be "white hat," but I really am! By focusing on quality content and outreach I have negotiated with dozens of editors to get content published on top news sites like BBC America, Elite Daily and many more! IndieWire wrote a feature about my Game of Thrones infographic.