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Founded in 2011, DESIGNATURE offers a full range of integrated SEO and internet marketing services. At DESIGNATURE, we believe that good SEO starts with the cleanest, most efficient HTML code and that a good web design is not just pretty but, more importantly, converts your website traffic and visitors to new customers for your business. Don't have much website traffic at the moment? We can help you take care of that, too.

DESIGNATURE: SEO Web Design in Jacksonville, FL

At DESIGNATURE, we believe that all parts that go into making a website successful are linked together. It's hard to make a high converting website that has been written with sloppy, bloated HTML code. While a poorly configured website can rank on the first page of Google search results with the right backlink profile, a properly planned and coded website design custom made for Google will get to the top of the SERPs a lot faster and a lot more easily. We believe in working smarter, not harder when it comes to web design.

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Legomenon Art Blog & Online Literary Journal: SEO & Design

Legomenon Art Blog & Online Literary Journal: SEO & Design

SEO, content writing & responsive website template for popular art blog. HTML, CSS & PHP

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