Game of Thrones "Why Did They Have to Die?" Infographic SEO Design

Game of Thrones

I am so proud of the Game of Thrones infographic I designed for Satellite TV Depot ( I was responsible for concept, design and marketing for this infographic.

Viral Infographic Concept and Design

This is my first infographic design and I have to say it was a really fun experience and had a great outcome! Due to its clickable, slightly controversial topic, this infographic first went viral on Reddit and received over 3,000 hits over one weekend. During the following week, the infographic went viral again on top tier websites like Screen Rant, Design Taxi and Trendhunter.

I am very proud to say that my Game of Thrones "Why Did They Have to Die?" infographic was also featured on IndieWire and Elite Daily and received thousands of visitors in one day alone! Jon Snow even liked my infographic!

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