How to Crop an Image into a Circle in Photoshop

by KATIE SHABI PUBLISHED 16 December 2014

Circle Crop Images in Photoshop

Cropping an image is easy in Photoshop if you don't mind hard, square edges. That's what the Crop tool is for, right? But what if you need to crop an image to fit into a circle? Learn the best and fastest way to crop an image so it will fit into a circle or ellipse in Adobe Photoshop!

crop circle Photoshop: how to round crop an image to fit a circle in Photoshop

How to Crop an Image to Fit into a Circle in Photoshop

There are a lot of different ways to circle crop in Photoshop, but this is the easiest and fastest way to round crop a picture or pattern. If you ask me, the best way to make an image round in Adobe Photoshop is by working with layer styles and Pattern Overlays. Let's go through the process of cropping an image into a circle step by step. It's really easy to do!


Open the image you want to crop into a circle in a new Photoshop document.


Click on the Edit menu and select Define Pattern....


Pick a name for your new pattern and save the pattern.


Open a new Photoshop document and create your circle using the Ellipse tool in your toolbar.


Once you've created your circle, double click on your new circle in the Layers window.
(You might have to open this window by clicking on the Window menu and selecting Layers).


Double clicking on your circle layer should open the Layer Styles popup window. Navigate to the Pattern Overlay tab in the sidebar.


Click on the arrow or pattern image to reveal more patterns to choose from. You should see the pattern you created earlier in the list.


Select your pattern. You can change the size of your image to make it bigger or smaller by modifying the Scale setting. If you want to move the placement of your image in the circle, click on the circle in the Photoshop document (outside of the Styles window) and drag it to change its placement in the circle.

Crop circle Photoshop

Easy Crop Circles in Adobe Photoshop

Voila! Now you have a roundly cropped image in Photoshop. Wasn't that easy? If you want to resize your circular image, it might be best to flatten your round image layer first to avoid accidentally modifying your pattern size so you have keep going back to reset it. Have fun making loads of easy, round images in Photoshop!

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