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Work with a trained SEO content writer for easy to read SEO friendly content writing for your business website or blog.

SEO Web Writer & Website Content Writing Services

Web Writing Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Writing for the web is a skill in and of itself. As a graduate of Indiana University with an Honors degree in English, I know from experience that good web writing is much different from just being a good writer in general. For one thing, modern internet users have a limited attention span, so meaningful information must be delivered as clearly and succinctly as possible.

SEO Content Writer in Jacksonville, FL

Writing content for finicky website visitors is one thing, but writing good SEO web content for Google is another skill entirely--one that I will admit took me many months of research and experimentation to master. Luckily, I enjoy researching and learning about new things, a skill which has also helped me write articles, blog posts, interviews and press releases for a variety of industries and topics.

Freelance SEO Website Content Writing

How am I so sure that I am a good SEO content writer? Many of my articles and blog posts have shot to the top of Google's search results, bringing in thousands of new organic (i.e. free) website visitors each month. Not impressed with my web writing? Well, at least Google likes it... ☹

Shoot me a writing prompt and a basic explanation of the writing project you have in mind and I will produce interesting, easy to read and SEO friendly web content for you or your business with a quick turnaround time.

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