Cyberbullying Infographic Design: Cyberbullying Facts & Statistics

Stop Online Bullying Infographic Design: What is Cyberbullying?

A human interest infographic I researched, designed and marketed for internet service provider Calera to stop cyberbullying and raise awareness about online bullying, which is a growing problem among teens using the internet. This infographic was featured on a number of anti bullying blogs and shared socially by several large non-profit organizations.

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones "Why Did They Have to Die?" Infographic SEO Design

A viral Game of Thrones infographic I designed for Satellite TV Depot. As a Game of Thrones fan, there's one question I always ask: "Why did they have to die?"

Infographic: Is Masters of Sex Based on a True Story?

Infographic: Is Masters of Sex Based on a True Story?

Is the Emmy nominated Showtime TV series Masters of Sex really based on a true story? Check out this infographic to find out the facts and fictions of this TV show!

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