Web Development: Online Magic 8 Ball Game Javascript & JQuery

Web Development: Online Magic 8 Ball Game w/ Javascript & JQuery

I have gotten quite a few compliments from web developers quite impressed with the simple "Magic 8 Ball" game I designed and developed using just Javascript and JQuery! A lot of the old school Magic 8 Ball games available online use PHP and force a page reload every time a "prediction" is given, but by using front-end coding languages we bypass all of those lengthy reloads, resulting in rapid-fire eight ball predictions!

I am proud to say that through a little SEO and web development magic my Magic 8 Ball Game is now beating all of those other old PHP Magic 8 Balls and getting thousands of Google visitors each month! (I still love that clunky plastic Mattel 8 Ball the best, though.)

Please credit me with a link as the developer if you want to feature my Magic Eight Ball on your site or blog!

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